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So what's up with you guys?? Oh well, that sounds exciting!!

Anywho, I hope that I'm one of those three people that Becki talked about that update their blogs regularly. I know that I have been slacking lately, but I'm working on that.

So the building that I work in has 4 offices in it. When I got here this morning I noticed that the bench in the courtyard area was broken and then I noticed that Dr. Adam's window was broken. Apparently they threw the bench on the ground to break it and then used one of the pieces to break the window. They took some cash, a tv and vcr and some other small things. Also, the electrical box on the back of the building that turns the lights out was open and messed with. Spooky. I'm getting Deja Vu from becki's work getting broke into. It just amazes me that people can be so self centered that they think they can take whatever they want. They are too good to work and be a normal part of society. They take what they want from anybody that happens to be there. Our house got broken into once. It was scary. They did it between Josh leaving for work and coming home for lunch. The stole a necklace that Josh gave me for Valentines day that was irreplaceable. It makes me so mad when I think about it.

Too bad we don't live in a perfect world. The only thing that makes this life easier is knowing that the Lord will deal out His justice and people can only run from Him for so long.

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Ok, I have been tagged by my lovely friend Becki. Being a fairly new blogger I assume I just write about the things that she did, so here is my list.

Four jobs I've had.

  1. The Swiss Pretzel
  2. Dillards
  3. The Gap
  4. JCPenny

Four movies I love to watch over and over.

  1. Everafter
  2. The Emperors New Grove
  3. Anything with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson (ie Starsky and Hutch, Zoolander)
  4. Last of the Mohicans

Four TV show I love to watch.

  1. King of Queens
  2. Scrubs
  3. CSI Miami
  4. Love Monkey

Four websites I visit daily.


Four foods I love.

  1. Beef fajitas from Pappasitos
  2. Buffalo chicken salad from Chilis
  3. Any kind of steak
  4. Mexican food

Four beers I like, well I don't really like beer, so I'm gonna do the 4 alcoholic drinks I like.

  1. Margaritas
  2. White Russian
  3. Flavored Martinis
  4. Wine

Ok Now I am suppossed to tag some people, but I don't know any one else who has a blog. So I guess I can't tag anyone. How empty my life is!!

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How do to all!! So this was a pretty good weekend. We had our women's breakfast at my house so Josh and I cleaned our little butts off on Friday. After the women's breakfast we ran some errands, had a nap and then went to dinner at Saltgrass, they have great steak. I love weekends like that where you don't really have anything to do so you can relax and take it easy. Of course we are living in denial about not having anything to do because we still have a whole garage full of boxes to unpack!!!! My plan is to have them done by Valentine's day, of course I wanted to have them unpacked by the end of Jan but I'm pretty sure that won't work out.

So yesterday Aubrey (my biological father) and his wife Stephanie came over to see the house and we went to lunch. We went to Pappasittos. Oh my gosh they have the best beef fajitas. If you haven't had them yet you have to try them. They seriously are one of my favorite meals. Oh and I had some leftovers so guess what I'm having for lunch today!! What What!! We had a good time with Aubrey and Steph. We talked and laughed. It was good because our conversations tend to be really surfacy with them, but this was nice, not really deep but still nice.

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Ok, so I'm a little sick today. There was something that blew in on Saturday that has gotten me. I'm stuffed up and running all at the same time. It's crazy. You would think that since I work for an allergy dr. that I wouldn't have to suffer so much, but that's not the case. Since we have been trying to get pregnant I haven't been able to really take anything. I had some benadryl last night and I think it helped. I was going to bring some with me to work to take today but I forgot. So I will suffer through the day with my wonderful allergies.

On a different note, Josh's parents came to visit this weekend. We had a really good time. We ate a lot, I mean a lot. We went to Ikea which was fun, but it wore me out. I think it was too soon after the last time. But we got the two cabinets that we forgot. Josh and his dad started to put up the cabinet doors. They look really good. It's weird to have to open a door to get a glass for some water!! Hopefully we will finish those tonight. Josh's parents also brought us our new HUGE KING BED. It is so big, it's crazy how big it is. Josh and me and both cats can be on it and not feel each other. So we got to move the full size bed into the office. We bought a duvet cover for our comforter. Now I need to get some stuff to stuff these pillow cases I have that have the brown and blue in them. And we still have to paint with the blue, I think we are going to put a border around the windows and doors with it. I think it will look really nice once it is done. We have to get the house in order because we are having the women's breakfast there on saturday. Lot's of work left to do!!!

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So it's wednesday and we had youth group tonight. It's always fun to hang out with the young'ins. It's fun to see people that are in a place that you were once. Realizing that when you were there you didn't know what the heck you were doing either!! Michael taught on proverbs and about being wise. It was really good. I really hope that it sinks in for them and they don't take the "default" way out but they chose to make something of themselves that includes an intimate relationship with God. I hope that the five of us are giving them a little glimpse of what it is like to follow God in your 20's while being married or single, working a full time job, being a servant and having kids. And that the glimpse is something that they want in their own lives. We'll just keep on prayin!!

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Ok, so I haven't been bloggin on blog #1 enough because I have been spending to much time on blog #2. But shhh, don't tell blog #1, it thinks it's my one and only!!!

Anyway, so what's been going on...? Josh and I have been working on the house. We have all the IKEA furniture put together and we are going this sat to get the pieces we forgot. His parents are coming into town on friday so we are going to make the trek out there with them. They should enjoy it and you never no what the parents may want to buy you because you are such a great son and daughter-n-law!!!!!

So we have this hideous bathroom. The tile is two differnt shades of pink and the tub, sink and toilet are all another shade of pink. What were they thinking in the 50's? I mean did Mary Kay live in this house or something? Well we couldn't afford to redo it so i had to try and find a way to make it work. So I found this fabric that was pretty modern. It was squares and they were white, green, black and two shades of pink. So I decided to make this my shower curtain and then get white, black and green towels to go with it. Since this was fabric I was going to have to MAKE the shower curtain, and my mom wasn't here to do it for me since she is the master sewer. Anyhoo, I decided I would do it and it didn't turn out too bad. If you are sitting on the toilet and you stare at it long enough you notice that it doesn't really line up at the bottom. But hey i still feel good for accomplishing this feat. I'm gonna take a picture of it and try to put it on here for the masses to see and be green with envy at my talent!!

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Ok, so I decided to make it a new blog all together. So if you are interested it is


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Hello all. If you will look in the top right hand corner of your screen you will find a button that says "NEXT BLOG". I have found that once I am done writing my blog I like to push that button and read other peoples blogs. I am interested in the lives of people I don't know and once actually had a small conversation with one of these people about a book. So while pushing the "NEXT BLOG" button is fun, I have found that blogs are not censored. And by not censored I mean you can write about anything and put a picture of anything on your blog. Which I really don't have much of a problem with since I believe in free speech and all. But it really threw me off when I happened upon one of these uncensored pages. So all you blog readers just be careful when pushing the "NEXT BLOG" button.

For my next rambling I am going to talk about something I read on a blog I happened upon. It was a lady and her blog was all about the special things that God had done for her that day. Nothing specific. Like a beautiful day or an email she had been waiting for. Just little things that happen to us all and we tend to over look in our busy lives. So I liked the idea of remembering and writing down all of these things that happen. I haven't decided if I am going to post them here or start a new blog just for them.

And last but not least my annoyance of the day. I have found that with my new laptop I have a tendency to push the space bar twice between words. It is very annoying and makes everything look funny. I do not even notice that I am doing it when I do. I will have to figure out why this is happening and how I can fix it besides just typing slower.


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Ok, if you do not live near an Ikea, boy do I feel sorry for you. We just got one here in Dallas less than a year ago, and it has been heaven ever since. Yesterday was my third time to travel the highways of Texas (it is actually in Frisco, which is about an hour from my house) to visit the glorious store. The first time that Josh and I went was on opening day. We got there really early and had their 99 cent breakfast and then shopped our little feet off. We came home with a few things that day nothing big. The next time we went we got a few more little things. There were big furniture pieces that we had our eye on, but nothing we really needed, so we couldn't bring ourselves to just buy them. But, that has all changed. We realized its really nice to buy a house right before Christmas because people gave us money!!!! So this time we went to Ikea we were on a mission. And it is even more fun to go there when you have money to blow!!! So we bought a new diningroom table, an entertainment center and a buffet type thing for the dining room. I am so excited. We got two pieces put together last night and hopefully will finish tonight. So for those of you who do not have a store I highly suggest going to their website and getting yourself a catalog and then let the dreaming begin!!!

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