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We're alive

My apoligies to the 2 people who still read this blog for being such a slacker!!  Life has been crazy and fun and good.

We went down to DFW for spring break.  We got to see everyone while we were there.  We also spent 4 days at cabin in the woods with our wonderful friends Jim and Donna and their 3 kiddos.  We had a blast.  It was the perfect vacation, relaxing and fun.  It was also great getting to spend so much time with them.  I miss them soooo much, it was just nice catching up.

Also, while we were in DFW we went to the Dallas World Aquarium.  I really thought Kai would love it more than he did since he loves fish so much.  But it was fun anyways and we will def take him back when he gets older.


School has been super busy.  Trying to get everything done for the end of the semester.  I am so ready to be finished with this semester and get to spend some fun time with Kai.  I am super excited to go to the pool with Kai and teach him to swim.  He loves the water so it's gonna be lots of fun.


Oh, Maverick is cancer free...PRAISE THE LORD!!!  It's been a long and hard road for him and his parents.  But the end is here.  Now he is just a regular ol 9 month old baby.  Who currently is a pro at crawling and cruising.  Any day now he is gonna be running all over the place!!


In other big news, my little brother is gettting married!! The wedding is in June and I am planning it.  I am so excited to do it.  I have always wanted to be a wedding planner and they are basically letting me do it all as a surprise for them.  I think it is going to be awesome and beautiful!!

They are also expecting their first child in November.  Now this is def not how I wanted things to be for them but I am not in control.  Getting married is such a big thing and the first year is hard, and then adding a baby to that just multiplies the difficulty by a million.  But that baby is already so loved, that I know they can make it with the help of their families. 

The funny thing is that they baby is due in November.  My grandmother's birthday is the 8th, her sister's is the 9th and mine is the 10th.  Kai, the first grandbaby was born on the 17th.  Copper, the second grandbaby was born on the 12th and now the third grandbaby is due the same month.  So for 3 years in a row we have had a baby born in November!!  I just think ist's funny and odd!!


Dieting is going well.  I have currently lost 25 pounds and I am super proud of myself.  It hasn't been easy and it is just the beginning, but I know that I can do it and I WILL do it.

Well, I guess that's all.  Hope you have a happy and truly blessed weekend.  Remember what Jesus did for everyone of us, even though we didn't deserve it...He gave us everlasting life!!

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