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Having fun...

Spring break was a few weeks ago.  We went down to the metroplex and had a great time.  We got to see my dad and visit lots of friends.  The weather was great and it was just nice to get away for a little while.  It was especially nice spending time with my husband since he works 7 days a week and we rarely get to do anything fun.  Also, while we were there the bluebonnets were blooming and beautiful.  We stopped for a little to take some pics Kai in them. 

Kai LOVED the carousel at the mall.  He rode it three times.  I wish we had one here that he could ride all the time.

Kai also loved playing with Jim and Donna's kids.  Here he is with Ben playing angry birds. 

I love this pose.  I don't know why he is standing like that but I think he is terrible cute.  He and Ben loved to play store.  

Playing in the sand.  All the kids loved putting the sand in the dump trucks and taking it to another part of the yard.  Hours and hours of entertainment.

This is me and my beautiful friend Donna.  It was so nice to see her.  It had been too long.  While there she and I got pedicures for her birthday.  It was nice to relax and get to catch up.


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