Wait...what, she's not dead?

No I am not dead, I am alive and well.  I have probably lost every reader I once had, but oh well.  The apartment we were living in had free internet and it SUCKED so posting really wasn't an option.  We looked into getting our own but knew we would be moving soon/eventually so didn't want to spend the extra money.  In January we found a rent house and after a month of painting, packing and moving we are finally here.  Surrounded by mountains of boxes, but at least we are here. 

We got to empty our storage building which contained a ton of crap stuff that I haven't seen for 2.5 years.  My new philosphy is if I can live with out if for that long I probably don't need it.  Gonna have an awesome garage sale this spring!!  The house is great.  It's a good size and it has an extra room which we turned into Kai's playroom.  I am ashamed to say that kid has a ton of toys.  It also has a great backyard that both Kai and Chip have been enjoying.  Oh and the best part is it's one block away from the best park in town!!  I love this park because it has trees covering the play area (trees are hard to find in these parts) and no one is ever there because it's small and on the north side of town.

Kai is doing well.  Still in preschool two half days a week.  It's just amazing how much he has grown and how much he understands.  He's like a mini person!  He is also such a good boy.  Now he has his moments but most of the time he minds.  He is just so fun to be around.  He loves to tell stories and I try really hard to keep up and understand what he is talking about.  He LOVES Chip.  Chip doesn't love him as much.  But I know once Kai is older and can play with him they will best friends.

Here's a cute Kai saying.  "I'm hungy and dinky"!!

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