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Life in the "small" city...

We are here and we are trying to figure out what life here is like. It has been terribly hard to get into any kind of a routine. But we have been enjoying getting to see family so often. I know that Josh going back to work has been so much easier because I get to see my mom on an almost daily basis. So let me do a quick update of all things Moody.

Josh's job is going well. He doesn't hate it but doesn't love it. He has realized he is the most educated person there, even more so than the partners. But he is hoping at his 6 month review they will see what an assest he is and give him raise/promotion.

Living with the in-laws is going ok. We are still trying to get unpacked and figure out where to put all our crap that we feel we need right now. All the other junk is in two storage buildings. It is a little cramped, but hey it's free so we ain't complainin!!

Kai is doing wonderfully well. He is sleeping in his crib at night and at nap time. Sometimes it is fight to get him down, but we are working on a routine so hopefully that will help. He has started CRAWLING!! Before we moved he was army crawling which worked great for him because we had hard wood floors. But here we have carpet so it was a little harder. It didn't take him long to get up on those knees and now he is all over the place. He started waving also. He is so cute when he does it. He only likes to wave with his right hand which is weird because he does most everything else with both hands. He is eating like a horse. I swear the kid has no full meter!!!

This weekend he went on his first plane ride. We went to Denver for my brothers wedding reception. (they got married in march) He did great on the plane both times, although on the way back he was kinda fussy from being tired. We had a very nice time in Denver. It was nice to see Aubrey and Sarah, we only get to see them a few times a year. But now that we are closer josh and I hope to visit them some. The reception was very nice. Sarah did a great job putting it all together!! It was lots of fun getting to meet all of her family too.

We will be going back to Arlington on friday for Kai's pictures and also some pumpkin patch fun. I am not looking forward to going right after getting home from denver, but it will be fun to see friends again. Even though it is going to be a super short trip.

Well, I think that is all. My camera cord is currently MIA but when I find it I promise to post some knew Kai pics!!!

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The end of an era...

I used to use the word bittersweet to describe how I am feeling, but I have decided that it doesn't do the sadness enough justice. Five months ago, after josh had been unemployed for 4 months, we decided it was time move home. Home being Amarillo where Josh's parents and my mother live. Where my little brother and our nephew are. Where my grandparents and both of Josh's grandmothers live. Where Josh has an aunt and uncle and cousins and 2nd cousins. Where our FAMILY is.

I knew the day would eventually come when this move would happen. There were many times when we would leave Amarillo and drive back to Arlington and I would be in tears because I didn't want to leave our family again. I knew all that we were missing out on...the last 10 years of my little brothers life, the birth of our nephew, Josh's mom and my grandmother being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, Josh's grandfathers dieing, just to name a few.

So when we made the BIG decision five months ago it wasn't a big deal. Sure I was sad that we were leaving. I was going to miss my friends terribly, but the payoff made it worth it.

Josh accepted a job in Amarillo two weeks ago and will be starting tuesday. We are not overly excited about the job, but hey it's a job. My mom came down almost two weeks ago to help us pack. She has been a life saver. I know it would not have gotten done if it wasn't for her. I realized today that packing was making it feel way too final for me, so I haven't been doing much. The u-haul truck is sitting in front of the house, and lots of burly men are coming soon to load it with all our belongings. The storage unit in Amarillo has been rented and our room at Josh's parents house is waiting for us. Everything has been taking care of.

But now I sit here only 24 hours left until we make the 6 hour drive to our new "home" and the reality of what we are leaving behind is hitting me square between the eyes. I haven't cried yet. I know it is going to happen, I'm a little teary eyed as I write this but I am able to hold it back...I'm not ready to let it flow just yet.

A decade of my life has been spent here. All of my adult and married life was in this town. This is where I found my footing, where I grew up, where I suffered and cried. There are so many memories here. Places I remember while driving, the surgery center where I had my first d&c. The Irving mall where I had my first post married job. The church where I made so many dear friends. The dr's office where I worked and learned so much. The apartment Josh and I lived in for the first 6 months of our marriage. The first house we bought that was only 900 square feet but was full of love and so much hope. This house that we are in now that I absolutely love, the only house my son has known as home. There are millions more, my head is swimming with memories.

And so I look around now and see all the boxes packed and ready to go and there is a glimmer of excitement inside me. As hard as it is I know that we made the right decision. Our son needs to know his family. I know that we will make so many new memories in Amarillo. I know that the pain of leaving will lessen with every passing day. But I will never forget this place where my "life" started and I will never forget the people who made the last 10 years so unforgettable.

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