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Ok I read on my forum where a women had said, "If you can't trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child?" Does anyone else see the flaw in this? Clearly she is pro-choice when it comes to abortion but why say something that seems so stupid. Ok here is what I think about that comment. When a women decided to be intimate with a man she has made choice. Getting pregnant wasn't a choice she made, that was a mistake. She made the choice to have sex and maybe not be protected. Does that make sense? I love the bumper sticker that says "It's not a choice it's a child."

One of the main arguments that pro-choicers use is that they should be in control of their bodies, and reproduction. Hello, you are. Don't have sex. Don't have unprotected sex. It seems pretty simple to me. I mean if someone doesn't want children then they take steps to avoid that. Whether it be abstinence or protection. But past that women have no control over what happens. If somehow they do end up pregnant then they need to be responsible for their actions. Even if they don't want kids there are hundreds of women out there that are waiting for the opportunity to adopt one of these unwanted children. I am trying not to get too worked up, but this issue sets me off. After losing two children of my own and having trouble conceiving I can't understand how anyone would choose to take an innocent life because it is inconvenient.

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So 28 years ago I was birthed into this world!!!!! It has definately been an interesting 28 years. My life is different than I thought it would be. But I suspect most peoples lives don't turn out the way they dreamt of them when they were younger. I do like where my life is though. I have a great husband. A nice house and too many animals!! I have great friends. A great church. And a great family even though they live too far away. I feel extrememly blessed with my life. I know that I am still at the beginning of this journey but I am excited to see what lies ahead. I know the Lord has great plans for me and I can't wait to see what they are!

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