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Summer Fun

It's HOT and DRY and WINDY here.  You may have heard that we have gotten no rain and thus have been having a ton of wildfires.  Two of which have come very close to my grandparents house.  Thankfully though their house is ok, but many others have been lost.  We are in desperate need of rain right now.

Life has been good.  Planning a wedding is a lot of work.  It is in about a week and half and there is still so much to do.  But it will get done and I am super excited.  I think it is going to be beautiful and wonderful!.  The one thing I am most worried about is the and I are making it.  Cake decorating is not one of my fortes but I think we can do it.  We are keeping it simple, yet pretty.  I'll post pics for you to see how wonderful it is!!

Kai is great.  He is fully in the terrible twos...mostly he is a really good, well-behaved kid, but he definitely has his moments where he pushes the limits.

Here are some older pics of Kai that I should have posted earlier, some are from Easter.  Enjoy, I'll be back soon...promise!!

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Just read this and wanted to share.  Let me know what you think...

From Moral Outcry, By: Susan Tyrell

Why Roe v. Wade Will Be Overturned

The bottom line in the outrage over the crop of pro-life laws in the states, some of which require sonograms before an abortion, is that this is the power that will overturn Roe v. Wade, and the abortion industry knows it.

Last week my home state of Texas joined the roster of sonogram friendly states as the House and Senate have both passed bills requiring a sonogram before an abortion in the Lone Star State. Outspoken pro-life Governor Rick Perry actually pushed it through as “emergency” legislation so it could be passed sooner. He is expected to sign it soon.

The Texas bill requires a 24 hour waiting period and a woman to hear a detailed description of the sonogram report before she has an abortion. The truth is, it’s informed consent; it’s called knowing what you do before you do it. But of course, the fearmobile got out its wheels and the invasion of privacy fight is being driven into the ground. The reason for the fear isn’t just a sonogram, though.
In a simplistic manner of speaking, one of the reasons that we were able to make abortion legal was the fact that in 1973 it was a bit muffled to some when life began. However, advances in medical science have eliminated this argument, and as laws are passed to this effect, it’s pretty likely one of these will make its way back to Washington DC and face the Court again—and this time there can only be one answer: Abortion kills babies.

While we like to demonize abortion supporters, the truth is many of them are people we might consider “good” if encountered in another walk of life. The passing of Roe v. Wade in 1973 wasn’t from a maniacal crazed Court, no matter how much we see this as a ludicrous decision. Our generation is far more enlightened. In 1973 the internet wasn’t in our laps—or even on our desks—long distance charges still existed, and TVs had UHF antennas. Everything that has to do with technology and science has taken massive leaps in the almost 40 years since Roe V. Wade was visited by the high courts, and that’s why it will be revisited in light of scientific change.

People without the benefit of understanding of creation and the Bible live only on scientific reason and chance. When there isn’t enough substantial evidence, often the only way they see to walk is the way of reason. Vast theological implications aside, these days, reason has caught up with faith. Science has shown that babies exist as people in their mother’s wombs whether or not one thinks Psalm 139 has validity outside religion. Today we can detect a baby’s heartbeat scarcely weeks after conception, when most women don’t know they are pregnant. Today we can take a camera and watch a baby move inside a woman. Today science has helped prove faith and the abortion industry's rage is only proof of this fact.

The people who push for pro-life laws like this are actually the most reasonable of all. Many weeks ago I reported the hoops I had to jump through medically to get a common surgery which didn’t endanger anyone’s life. It was two months from start to finish of the surgery. And even on the day I had it, I had to write down on a consent form what surgery I was having, what I understood it to do, and that it was my decision. After I came out of it, I couldn’t even have medication without restating my full name and date of birth every single time—even if it was the same person ten times in a row helping me.

Informed consent is, in every other arena, an overkill procedure for the sake of patient safety. While I found it amusing to have to restate obvious facts, I also appreciated that they weren’t about to do anything that remotely affected my health without a surety I knew what it was and wanted it.
Abortion laws are catching up. They certainly are lagging at a tortoise pace behind all other medical laws. But they are getting there. What we see in Texas, South Dakota, Florida and the many (and I mean many) other states and laws within states regarding sonograms, waiting periods and consent is simply the reasonable and intellectual people enforcing the area of medicine the true militants about abortion have left aside in their pursuit of some false sense of privacy.

Science and reason have rounded the corner and are honing in on truth faster than pro-abortionists can say choice.

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My kid is awesome...

I'm sitting here with Kai watching Toy Story 3 (for the millionth time!).  He is just so cute and makes my life so full of love and joy. 

Potty training continues to go well.  We had a small setback when we went on vacation, but we got home and got back on track and things are good.  I'm so proud of how well he has done.

But the most awesome thing is that he is sleeping in his own bed, in his own room!!  Since he was born he has slept in our room and many times in our bed.  I never thought I would be a parent that co-slept, but I LOVED it.  There came a time though that Josh didn't love it and so we moved him to his own bed in our room.  This was perfect for me.  I loved having him close, being able to just look over and see him, cover him up if needed. 

I was NOT ready for him to move into his own room, not sure if I would have ever been!!!  So it's good that Kai decided it was time.  One afternoon he told me he wanted to take a nap in his room.  So I put him in there and he stayed for about 30 min before he came out.  I told Josh about it and he suggested we try to put him down in there at bedtime.  So we put him to bed and told him that I was going to sleep in there with him.  I did this for two nights and then he was in there all by himself.  He has done great.  I am truely amazed at how easy it has been for him.  He is such an amazing little boy.

It has been an adjustment for me to not have him there, easily accessible.  But I am ok with it.  I know he has to grow up and I have to losen my hold on him.

So on this mother's day I just want to say a huge thank you to my precious Kai for making me a mommy.  My life is so much more everything because he is here!

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