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The world keeps on turning...

Howdy. I know it's been a while. I am full of excuses, one of them being that my laptop was dead because the cord wasn't working anymore, so I had to order a new one. Another excuse is that I am just lazy. I knew I couldn't post without pictures and I wasn't in the mood to upload the 18 kajillion pics I have taken of the baby!!

So much has happened since my last post. First, josh got laid off at the beginning of January and still hasn't found a job. Architecture/retail development is just not the field to be in during this recession. It just really sucks that the reality is a Masters degree does not guarantee job stability. So if you think about it will you pray for us. The stress is starting to get to Josh. Last time he lost his job it wasn't such a big deal because I had a job and we didn't have a baby. I can't imagine the weight Josh is carrying right now.
On to happier news. Kai is doing great. He is such a wonderful baby and brings so much joy to our lives. He smiles all the time. He hasn't laughed yet but we can't wait to hear it. He is now in 3-6 months clothes, which made me said because there are so many cute outfits he will never wear again. He loves to sit and look around. He just has to know what is going on at all times. He loves his bebepod for this reason. His fingers have become his best friends. He loves to suck on them and drool all over the place. He goes through multiple shirts a day because they get soaked with drool. He does have a bad habit of sticking his fingers too far in his mouth and choking himself. I try to tell him not to but he doesn't listen to me! He loves to talk. He always has so much to say and is very demonstartive about it.
He is just the sweetest most adorable thing I have ever seen. We bought a video camera and as soon as I get the software on the computer I will be happy to share his adorableness with you. but for now you will have to settle for some pictures!!!
He loves his penguin!!

Here is the cutest, most sweetest smile ever.

He is an escape artist. We had to stop using the swaddler because he was getting his hands out of it and defeating the whole purpose!

We just started putting him in his jumper. (Thanks Beth!!) It is a little big for him still but he loves it. He especially loves to chew on the seat.

This is how the cute boy likes to sleep.

Here are some cute pics of me and Kai and another one with grandma.

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