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Have you joined the new dance revolution? Well, come on get with the program. So my mom and little brother are here. He brought his PS2 DDR2 game. It is so much fun. At first I wasn't very good, but I'm making progress. Some of the songs are really hard. But I think it is good exercise and good for your foot eye coordination, and hey we all could use a little more of that!!!

So things are happening at work. The other receptionist found another job so I will take over the front desk full time. I think it is going to be good. It will be more of a challenge than what I do now is, so that's good. I'm a little scared because it is a lot of responsibility but I really think I will enjoy it.

Spring is here!! I love spring it is my favorite season. The weatheris usually nice. And all the flowers a blooming. It is so beautiful. Josh hates spring because it is his worse allergy season. He will suffer until the end of June. Poor guy. I am excited because we are going to put the pool up soon so it will have time to warm up before summer time. I love having a pool at my house. Somebody was a genius. This is what our pool looks like. It is huge. I think it is 15'x30'. We are gonna have a blast this summer!!!

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I have been such a slacker lately. I'm sorry. I hope that you all (2) can forgive me :{ That's me with my big mustache!! I don't really have anything exciting to say. I must have writers block or something like that.

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