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The goings ons...

I am sooooooooooo extremely ready for spring. Please, please get here soon before I lose all sanity! It is just so much work getting out with a toddler in the freezing temps and the 80 mile an hour wind, so I stay home and Kai and I become stir crazy. I didn't leave the house last week until Friday. I was sick monday and tuesday and then it was just too cold the rest of the week.

The EB auction was a success. There hasn't been an ending total posted but on saturday it was at 6700!!! I am thinking there are so many other good causes out there that could have auctions like that to raise money for a cure. I am thinking of talking to Donna to see if we should do one for Fragile X.

In other news my brother and sil are ttc!! That is just crazy news considering I thought my brother would never have children. he has a neice up in Denver and I think she has helped Sarah sway him that they needed to spawn! I can't wait for Kai to have another cousin...we will definately have an excuse to go to Denver then.

Our house has been on the market for 9 months now. NINE...that is a long time. Still praying it will sell one of these days!

Kai is doing fabulously. He is saying some more words, but he tends to only say them once and never repeat them again. I think he does it just to annoy us. The same way he won't call Josh DADA but will run around the house babbling it all day long. He is a little stinker that way! He has a little peop.le farm book that has pop-up tabs. Last week he started pointing to every chicken on every page. That was the only animal he was interested in. It was too cute. Josh said it is because of his Grandpa (he owns some Chicken Ex.presses). I am just truly amazed at how smart he is and how much he really understands. Everyday brings new joy and new discoveries.

I am on my MIL computer so I can't upload any pics, but here are some I took with my cell phone. They are not great but still cute.

In this pic Kai is actually sitting on the dog. I don't know why Chip lets him do that but Kai thinks it is so great to roll around and sit on the dog. Also, he is holding his guitar. What's funny is that his shirt says "Make some noise" on it and has a pic of a drum set. He must be musically inclined!

This is Kai and mommy being cute.

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The Auction is Open

The auction for Jonah and a cure for EB is now going on. I stopped by to see all the goodies they have and there is a lot of stuff. Get over there quick and get to bidding!! You may want to look at the jewelry some of it was donated by Babies, Beads and Beyond. That is the etsy site the me and my mom are doing. I will have an official announcement for it when we get more stuff online. But for now go BID, BID, BID, BID. And help find a cure for EB

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Another good cause...

Even though it took me so long to have my miracle baby, I am truly blessed and thankful that he is healthy. I do not take that for granted. Not a day goes by that I don't thank my God for my son's health.

This week is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week. 1 out of every 100 babies has a CHD and many are not detected until it is too late. If you are pregnant or planning to have a baby please request a Pulse Oximetry Test to check the baby's heart right after the baby is born. This test is not routine and really should be.

Here you can read Kristine's post about CHD and her daughter Cora

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Kai is sleeping and I am FREEZING!! Not that those two things have anything to do with each other! I may not have agreed to move home if I had known that this was going to be the "coldest and wetest winter in history", thus saith The Farmer's Almanac! I was actually leaving a grocery store when some random man told me he had read that in the Farmer's Almanac.

So to try and distract myself from the freezing temps here are some pics of the adorable Kai Bear!

Contrary to the looks of it there is not alcohol in his cup. I don't know why he looks drunk, but hey he is a cute drunk!!

This is his first time in the snow. He and daddy had lots of fun throwing snowballs at mommy!

Ok so he clearly got away from whoever was feeding him before they cleaned his face. I am sure it was not me, I'm his mother I would never let him walk around looking like that. I know, I know he needs a haircut...
He found this pot when I was cleaning out the pantry and it soon became one of his favorite toys. After I took this pic I walked in to find that he had used the pot as a step so that he could climb up on the couch and drink some of my water!!

So he has these little snack cups that are suppossed to be spill proof (ya right, until your kid realizes he can just hold it upside down and shake really hard). Anywho, I like to mix all kinds of snacks in it for him. So this day there were a couple different crackers and some raisins. The kid loves him some raisins. Who doesn't really, they are just sugar aren't they? So he decided he only wanted to eat the raisins and just left all the other crackers on the floor hoping the dog would walk by eventually and clean up his mess!

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Fun at the ranch

My BFF David came for a visit a couple of weeks ago. He was only here for about 24 hours but that was plenty of time to fit some fun games of Killer Bunnies, Settlers of Catan, and Power Grid. We also found some time to have lunch at Country Pride...yummmmmmy and make a visit to Cadillac Ranch. Here are some pics from our Ranch adventures...

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A worthy cause

I sometimes post writings on a blog called Safe Haven. There is also a button on the side bar. Anyways, Christy runs this blog and does a wonderful job. The whole mission of the blog is to post prayer requests for sick children and women undergoing infertility treatments. If you have a moment would you please stop by and read some of the requests and say a prayer for all those women, children and families. Christy pours her heart into that blog and I can't fathom how she can emotionally do it. I have to be honest and say I cannot go there too many times before I am just too overwhelmed by all the pain and suffering so many children must endure.

I visited the blog today and found a new button on her side bar.

Here is the link to the website. They are having an aution to raise money for a cure for Epidermolysis Bullosa which is a very rare genetic skin disease. Please visit the site and bid on something when the auction starts. Or maybe you would like to donate some items, that would be great too. I will remind you all again when the auction is open.

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