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300 lb cat!!

When Dougie was little he had a book called 3 pound cat but he always called it 300 pound cat. He is so cute,he is still my little brother even though he is almost 17.

So I thought I would post about my fat, no I mean BIG BONED cat. Her name is Tots, but we usually call her FAT TOTTIE. That is her mob name!!

Here she is trying to cram her fat self in a very small basket and then having a yawn.

Here she is lounging on the bed showing off her fatness.

Another fat picture of her

And lastly here she is on the scale. Can you read what it says????

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It's always something...

So I read on another blog today that some Nalgene bottle may be bad for my health. I love mine, it is pink and so cute. But it is the kind that they say is bad and could cause birth defects, so I guess I will need to get a different one. Here is the article.

Very, very interesting!!!

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Nap time and junk

I really really need a nap right now. I am not eating sugar or drinking sodas so in the afternoon my energy plummets. Only 2 hours and 18 minutes and I can go home and take a nap!!

In other GREAT news Megan had her little girl on Friday March 2nd. They named her Ella Marie, which I think is freaking adorable. She is so cute, here she is being sassy sticking her tongue out! And here she is with her very proud momma and daddy!! Congrats Megan and Ryan!!

So last week I went to the dr 5 out of 7 days. Anyone want to guess how many millions of dollars that cost me??? Anywho, I did officially ovulate. It was on cd 19 which is late for clomid. I asked the dr why I O'd so late and she didn't really have an answer but wasn't concerned. She told me that they are trying to make me normal which means, One egg, ovulating before day 20 and having less than a 34 day cycle. I officially fall into all of those cateragories. It kinda feels nice to be normal for once. She did say that next cycle we will most likely just move right into IUI. I think I am ok with doing that, although it will cost more money. So I am just praying really hard that I am pregnant now and I won't have to worry about that.

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