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Diapers no more...

Kai pooped on the potty for the first time when he was 5 months old.  We had started watching for cues and when we saw them we would sit him on the potty and he would do his business.  This continued until we moved to Amarillo and I guess we got lazy or busy or something.

At 18 months I tried to start potty training him.  He would have none of it.  So we continued on with diapers, always reminding him that big boys went in the potty and he wanted to be a big boy like daddy and elmo!!  A friend gave me a copy of the 3 day potty training plan.  I had planned to use it in a few weeks, after we got home from vacation.

On Friday I wasn't watching Maverick, so it was just me and Kai.  He had pooped in his diaper and I told him  (like I always do) that he should poop in the potty and he would get some m&m's if he did.  Well he decided right then and there that he wanted to sit on the potty, so he did.  Then when he got off he decided he wanted to wear big boy underpants, so I put some on him.  Well ever since that moment he has been peeing and pooping in the potty!!!!  We only had 1 accident yesterday morning.  We went out last night and put a diaper on him and he told us when he needed to potty and his diaper stayed dry.  He even stayed dry during his nap and night time!!!

I am so stinking proud of him and so happy that HE decided he was ready.  It is just amazing to me how most everything has been easy with him.  I really don't take it for granted, I know the next one is likely to be completely different.

So, we are a diaper free home and the M&M's are flowing!!!

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Time does heal all wounds...

Wednesday was the 6th anniversary of my first loss.  I knew when I got up that morning what the day was.  But I was quickly pulled into the reality of my life and busyness took over.  I watched Maverick that day and family came over for lunch.  So it was pretty much like any other day, which I am ok with.  No one except me remembered the day, and I am ok with that too.

 It's a day that I will always remember.  It's amazing to me how vividly I still remember it after all these years.  Every word spoken, every detail is etched into my mind.  Today is the anniversary of the day I had my D&C.  I will spend today studying for a history test and playing with my precious boy.  I'm sure that these days would be so much harder if I was still in the trenches...trying to make my dreams come true.  I know that the birth of Kai helped those wounds to finally heal, which is good.  I'm sure as years pass these days will come and go and it won't be until weeks later that I will remember, and that will be ok.  Just because I don't recognize the date doesn't mean that I have forgotten about my precious babies.  I think of them daily and long for the day we will meet again.  But life does go on and I have something to live for...and live I will!

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The case of the disappearing mushrooms...

My son is just too freakin adorable!!!  I went to the store the other day and, as always, stocked up on canned mushrooms and tomato sauce.  He likes to play with cans, stack them and put them in bags, take them out of bags.  So yesterday my mother and grandmother came over for lunch.  Kai started stacking the cans and grandma was playing with him.  When she got tired she convinced him to put them in the grocery bag.

That was the last I saw of them.  I was busy chatting with my mom and grandma and taking care of Maverick.  Fast forward to today.  I was in the middle of making dinner, broccoli and mushroom quiche, when I couldn't find the mushrooms anywhere.  I had to take my saute pan off the burner and search the house.  I called my mother, who then called my grandmother to see if she knew where they were.  Know one knew.  I continued my search and finally found them in Kai's closet with his blocks.

I was very annoyed at the fact that I needed them and they were gone.  But find them in his closet made me smile.  And stop and remember how blessed I am and just how cute he is.  I love that kid soooo much~!!!

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