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School Time...

Well, Kai has officially started preschool...but he's only 2 you say?  I know.  It was about a month ago that I really decided that he NEEDED to be in preschool.  He needs to be around other kids a lot more than he is and he needs to be away from me more than he is.  The kicker was the fact that everytime I picked him up from Sunday school he would cry because he didn't want to leave.

So a girl I know through a parenting group I am a part of started her own preschool this year.  I asked her if she would be ok with him starting even though he was young and she said it was fine.  So I signed him up and he started last tuesday.  He goes half days on tue and thur and he LOVES it.  There are only 8 kids and two teachers.  They get to play and do art and crafts and learn and everything my little boy loves to do.

I was a little said when I dropped him off, but I knew it was the best thing for him.  He needs to grow and learn and experience life...without me.  It is amazing how just in the last month how much older he seems.  His speaking is so much clearer.  He talks to strangers.  He introduces himself to everyone and asks what their names are.  He orders for himself at restaurants.  He is just such a big boy. 

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