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So New Year's is in 4 days. Man this year has just flown by. I can't believe it is almost 2006. So much has happened this year. Pregnancy, miscarriage, family reunion, selling house, buying house. It has been an action packed year. As I look back on the year, there is not much that I regret. I think there will always be things that I thought I could have done differently. But you live and learn and hope to do it better next year.

Moving on to my next subject. I have found a new movie that I love. SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS. I know I was a skeptic at first. A movie about four friends who find pants that fit them all so they have some kind of magical powers. But it is so much more than that. It is a movie about finding yourself. It made me cry, but of course it doesn't take a whole lot to do that. But anyway I would suggest this movie to any girl. It makes you look at all aspects of life, good and bad. This is my opinion, if you don't like it don't blame me!!!!

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Do you ever have that feeling that you really really need a vacation? That everyone around you annoys you no matter what they do? Well, this is where I am. Combine my life being crazy and everyone driving me insane and that equals vacation. Now unfortunately I don't get to go to the Caribbean, only Amarillo, which is the furtherest thing from the Caribbean. But at least I will get to be with my family which I am really looking forward too.

I know one of the reasons that everyone is driving me crazy is that I haven't been spending enough time with the Lord. It seems that when I am spending a lot of time with God, studying and praying, then I am a nicer person and I can stand other people a lot better.

I guess the main reason I haven't been spending enough time with God is that I have been a little upset with Him. I think that God allows us to be angry with Him for a moment but then we repent and believe that what He says is true. Well, I guess I haven't done that. I go through these times when I think this whole relationship with God is just too hard and I'm not gonna work at it anymore. I'm always sorry and end up running back to Him and because He is such a wonderful God He is always there waiting for me. Why is it so hard to have the intimate relationship with Him? I don't know but I do know that it is something that I truly desire and strive to have. I need to seek Him with my whole heart all of the time and He will be there waiting for me.

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Ok, so as I was saying. Some of you may have read that we were getting a new washer and dryer delivered. Well they showed up 3.5 hours late and the dryer didn't even work! For those of you who do not know I do have a hot little temper at times, so I was on the phone calling everyone I could. The main thing I was upset about was the fact that they make you take off work and wait for four hours and then they are late. We had to inconvience Annie and Michael so that someone would be there to let them in the house. It's the injustice of it all that gets under my skin. So after calling like 40 (exaggeration) different people that would not help me, one guy gave us 15% off our purchase. So that's nice but it didn't make my dryer work or make me not have to take off work today between the hours of 10-2 to wait for the new dryer to be delivered. (By the way its 1:18 and they haven't showed up, go figure). Anyway, the sad part is that customer service has gone the way of the velvety wallpaper. People don't care if you as a customer is happy or not. They already got their money and there is nothing else they can do. Whatever, there is always more that they can do, it may just take a little more effort. People are just too lazy to give more than they have to it seems. I can say that I have been guilty of that too.

Well, anyway, I hope that everyone has a very Merry CHRISTmas. Or as some like to say Happy HOLYdays. For those of you who didn't know the word holidays comes from holydays. So even though they try to take Christ out of Christmas they never will, He is the reason for the season and he is the Holy of Holies.

Rudolph the red nosed riandeer!!!!

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This is the second time I have written something and the stupid computer froze and lost it. OH that makes me so mad, now i have to type it all again.

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Ok, so we just bought a new washer and dryer(thanks dad and stepanie). Anyway they are suppossed to deliver it today(friday), but I remembered that I wouldn't be able to be home today to receive it so I tried to change it to tomorrow. Well they said if it's not friday then it will be 12/31 before we can deliver again. What??!! Do that many people really buy large appliances from Home Depot for Christmas presents? "Merry Chirstmas honey I bought you a new refridgerator, aren't I the best?!" Anyway, so they need to deliver it today and they say they will be there between 12-4. Seriously can they be any more vague. It's amazing how we have to take off of work so we can sit around and wait for people. The cable guy, the delivery guy, the phone guy, the list goes on and on. So I had to call my wonderful friend Annie to come over and let the delivery men in. I had to leave a note on the door begging them to call her and wait for her to get there. I hope they are in a giving mood, since it is the season of giving!!

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Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr IT'S COLD OUTSIDE

Ok so it's December and boy does it feel like it. It is 17 degrees outside, WOW. That is unheard of in this part of TX. I am originally from the panhandle (what a nice word to use to describe a part of a state, I wonder what's cooking in the pan??). Anyway, we get snow in Amarillo in the winter. But Dallas usually gets one ice storm and that's it. It is so funny when it gets cold down here. The news stations go crazy. They make their poor news people stand outside in the freezing cold and take a ruler to measure the 1/4" of snow on the ground!! They also come up with wonderful names for their coverage of the storm. Fox was calling it the "ARTIC BLAST". Ok come on, I mean it was 24 hours of some sleet and cold temperatures. Doesn't seem like an artic blast to me. Maybe we need to make some rules for what an artic blast actually entails.

And then there is driving in the snow and on the ice. People down here are crazy drivers when it rains. There are wrecks everywhere and the news is telling people to take it easy because the roads are slick. It's water!!! So you have two extremes of people that drive in these conditions. The first one we will call BUBBA. Bubba ain't scared of nothing. He is either in his too big for the road truck or is old camaro. He drives like a mad man, going 80 mph wherever he goes and always ends up smashed into something. And sadly enough he doesn't learn his lesson because next time he will be out doing the same thing. Next you have SLOW POKE. They go 10 mph everywhere they go. And when they are 200 yards from the intersection they start to tapping their brakes. I think there should be driving tests in the snow and they should teach everyone what safe is. You would think that the insurance companies would want to do something like that.

But alas, the cold won't last for long it will be in the high 40's by tomorrow. So I will just have to keep dreaming of that white Christmas.

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How excited am I that the Christmas season is here??? I absolutely love this time of year. I love every part of it, Jesus, presents, family, tradition, pumpkin pie, snow, Christmas trees, lights on houses, did I say presents?

So, we are finally all moved in and almost all painted. We went and bought the Christmas tree on Sunday and put it in the tree holder yesterday and hope to decorate it later this week. Even though my whole life is basically still in boxes, I will not go without decorating for Christmas. I made Josh put up some lights on the house yesterday. I put my two snowmen in the front yard and I have my Christmas tree scented oil burning away. How wonderful!!


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THANK YOU JESUS!!! So we finally closed on the house yesterday. We got to the title co. At 11 and didn't start signing papers until 12:30. The reason was because the loan was wrong. We had to make the price 2000 less because of the loan or something so we had to redo the contract and all the paperwork. So we get there yesterday and the lady says "Well's Fargo still has the loan at the higher price, and if you want it changed it's gonna have to go to underwriting and you won't be able to close today". I seriously thought I was gonna break down and sob right there. So I said just give the seller the extra 2000 I just want this over with. But luckily we were able to do some moving around and put the extra 2000 as a down payment type thing.
So we got in the house last night and painted our brains out. We had some guys come and help and they were wonderful. We wouldn't have gotten anything done without them. We are gonna paint again tonight and then move on Friday and Saturday. So next week will be the fun time of unpacking. But that's ok I'm just happy we are in and we can try and get settled before Christmas.
As I said in my last post that the Lord is trying to teach me patience. Oh realtor told us to give it until 5:30 to get the funding done, if not by then we wouldn't get the key until the next day. Josh called him at 5:35 and said, "so I guess this means the funding didn't get done?" And Lloyd told him, "oh I got a call 5 minutes ago, but I haven't had time to call you let!" Oh my gosh talk about waiting until the last minute. I was really getting depressed. Josh kept saying aren't you excited and I said no not until we get a key. But I know this is the Lord teaching me. It is never how I want it and it is never fun. But I know that He really wants me to trust Him and believe that He wants to give me good gifts. And He did, and I am so thankful.

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