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Having fun...

Spring break was a few weeks ago.  We went down to the metroplex and had a great time.  We got to see my dad and visit lots of friends.  The weather was great and it was just nice to get away for a little while.  It was especially nice spending time with my husband since he works 7 days a week and we rarely get to do anything fun.  Also, while we were there the bluebonnets were blooming and beautiful.  We stopped for a little to take some pics Kai in them. 

Kai LOVED the carousel at the mall.  He rode it three times.  I wish we had one here that he could ride all the time.

Kai also loved playing with Jim and Donna's kids.  Here he is with Ben playing angry birds. 

I love this pose.  I don't know why he is standing like that but I think he is terrible cute.  He and Ben loved to play store.  

Playing in the sand.  All the kids loved putting the sand in the dump trucks and taking it to another part of the yard.  Hours and hours of entertainment.

This is me and my beautiful friend Donna.  It was so nice to see her.  It had been too long.  While there she and I got pedicures for her birthday.  It was nice to relax and get to catch up.


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Kai cuteness...

It's been a long time since I posted about the adorableness that is Kai.  So here's some things he does or says and one of my all time favorite pics of him...enjoy.

*He loves to chase the dog.  In the backyard he will ride his bike while he chases the dog around in circles.
*Thanks to his Gamma he has an obsession with "picking up the poop" in the backyard.  While I enjoy that he is already doing chores, I kinda find it weird!
*He loves his vitamins.  He asks for them multiple times a day, even after he has already gotten them.  When I give them to him he always tells me what animals he got.  It's super cute.
*Every time he toots he looks at me and says, "you tooted" and points at me.  He's such a stinker...literally!
*His Yaya bought him a wallet for Christmas.  He never really noticed it until the other day.  Then he put his fake money in it and took it with him when we ran errands.  At the store he wanted to pay so he handed to the cashier money.  It was adorable.  She got him "change" and handed it back.  He was very proud of himself.
*Every once in a while I will sleep in his room, if he is sick or his daddy is sick.  Or sometimes he comes into bed with me early in the mornings.  So we like to snuggle.  Lately when it is bedtime he will ask me to sleep with him and I will say no that he is a big boy and has to sleep by himself and then he will say that he can't because he doesn't have anyone to snuggle with.  It melts my heart and worries me for the future...the manipulation starts early. 
*He loves all of his grandmothers.  He has 6 but he sees 4 of them often.  Yesterday we were at Yaya's house and Grandma and GG were there.  He asked me to leave so that he could stay there with them.  I try really hard not to take things like that personally.  I really am happy that he has so many grandmas to shower him with love. 
*He took a bath last night and when I went in to wash him he had colored the faucet with his crayons.  He told me that he was painting a spaceship.  I love that he has such a good imagination.

I absolutely LOVE this picture of him.  That little face makes my heart melt.

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Wait...what, she's not dead?

No I am not dead, I am alive and well.  I have probably lost every reader I once had, but oh well.  The apartment we were living in had free internet and it SUCKED so posting really wasn't an option.  We looked into getting our own but knew we would be moving soon/eventually so didn't want to spend the extra money.  In January we found a rent house and after a month of painting, packing and moving we are finally here.  Surrounded by mountains of boxes, but at least we are here. 

We got to empty our storage building which contained a ton of crap stuff that I haven't seen for 2.5 years.  My new philosphy is if I can live with out if for that long I probably don't need it.  Gonna have an awesome garage sale this spring!!  The house is great.  It's a good size and it has an extra room which we turned into Kai's playroom.  I am ashamed to say that kid has a ton of toys.  It also has a great backyard that both Kai and Chip have been enjoying.  Oh and the best part is it's one block away from the best park in town!!  I love this park because it has trees covering the play area (trees are hard to find in these parts) and no one is ever there because it's small and on the north side of town.

Kai is doing well.  Still in preschool two half days a week.  It's just amazing how much he has grown and how much he understands.  He's like a mini person!  He is also such a good boy.  Now he has his moments but most of the time he minds.  He is just so fun to be around.  He loves to tell stories and I try really hard to keep up and understand what he is talking about.  He LOVES Chip.  Chip doesn't love him as much.  But I know once Kai is older and can play with him they will best friends.

Here's a cute Kai saying.  "I'm hungy and dinky"!!

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