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Double digits...

Today is the last triple digit day. My little floaty baby thing says 100 days left. So double digits from here until we get to single. Oh what a great day that will be!!!

Not much going on. Showers are being planned. One over labor day weekend and one in Sept. We are working on the nursery. Still trying to get it cleaned. Hopefully we can start painting soon.

Pregnancy brain is getting really bad. I am not pronouncing words correctly. I am laughing at really stupid unfunny things (i.e. Wipeout, the new show on ABC). And I am saying stupid things. This kid is sucking all the smart out of me and leaving me a blubbering idiot!!

Really that's all going on. Life over here is pretty normal and quiet these days, which I appreciate very much.

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It's funny to me how peoples perspective changes when going through different times of life. I have read many blogs where an IFer has gone on to have a baby and said that their struggle was all worth it. I believed this in my own life. I mean I had to believe that this would be the case or there was no reason to continue the rollercoaster. But it was hard to fathom ever being on the other side.

But as I type this the 3 years I spent struggling with IF seems like a lifetime ago. Even though this baby is not here safe and sound yet, the hope and dreams I have for him and the hopes and dreams he is filling have overshadowed all of that pain and suffering. It's amazing to me really how different life can be in a few short months. I remember being so hopeless less than 7 months ago.

25wks today and still amazed at how far we have come. Only 15wks to go. It's so funny how these last 15 wks feel like such a short time because there is so much to do. But those first 13 wks felt like a life time. Another change in perspective I guess.

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Picture fun...

First off here is an adorable picture of my chippy dog. Isn't he the cutest thing ever??

This is a picture of my hibiscus. It's so pretty. It has about 6-8 blooms on it everyday.

Here is the pumpkin vine that is growing in my backyard. FYI if you let a pumpkin rot in your yard it will start to grow!! We have already gotten one pumpkin off of the vine.

Hey look what chippy found!!

He was barking at the house so I went out to see what was going on. As I turned around I saw it on the light right by the door. Of course I freaked out and ran in the house hoping it wouldn't jump on me. I made Josh take the picture. So it looks as though we have rats somewhere. Thankfully they are not in the house. I guess it's time to call the exterminator!!

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Hooter Hider

Many people have asked what a Hooter Hider is. So I shall explain. It is a breastfeeding coverup. There are many out there, but this is the brand I picked. I like it because it has a metal piece at the top that makes it open up so mommy can look down and see the baby but no on else can. Here is their website. And here is a pic.

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This and that...

I was all prepared last night to download the vacation pictures and to blog about how great a time we had. But it didn't happen. Apparently there is not a standard USB size. So I didn't have the right cord and Josh wasn't home to help. So continue to wait with anticipation!!


WE REGISTERED!! We had a lot of fun although I did get tired towards the end. We went to Bab.ies R U.s. We decided not to do Tar.get because of their stupid return policy. BRU has everything we need anyways. There are a 125 items and it is 12 pages long. It seems quite excessive to need so much stuff for something that weighs less than 10 pounds! If you know me IRL and you want to look at it please do and let me know if I forgot anything or should change anything.


Baby Kai is kicking up a storm, which makes mommy very happy. I like it that the kicks are getting more consistent. It helps me to worry less. I am so looking forward to the day when Josh can feel them.


I bought a Hooter Hider!! Is that not the funniest name? They have so many cute patterns but I wanted one that was kinda understated. No need to draw any more attention is my theory. I was going to get a basic black or maybe cream color. But I found one I really loved so I got it. This is the fabric.


I am having lunch tomorrow with Amber. We met at a MEND meeting and have emailed and commented on each other's blogs. But we are finally going to have lunch and chit chat. I am looking forward to it.


I will end on a sad note today. Most of you know we are from Amarillo. We still have many friends that live there. Last night I was talking to my friend Megan and she told me of some terrible news. The vice principle of Amarillo High (which is were dougie went to high school) drowned over the weekend. He leaves his wife, who is 8wks pregnant, and two other children. He was only 30 years old and a great guy. Here is the story. If you think about it would you please pray for his family. Especially his wife. I cannot even fathom the pain and heartache she is experiencing right now. Also, pray for the new baby, that all will continue to go well.

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Turkey has a name...

Sorry I haven't posted. I have been on vacation. I will post more about that later with some pics!!

But for now I will share with you the name Josh and I have picked for our first son!!!

His first name will officially be Malachi, but we will call him Kai. I love the name Kai, but Josh wanted something we could shorten and that had more meaning so we agreed on Malachi.

The middle name will be Ellington. This is my real dads last name. This is a tribute to him since he is the one who gave us the money to do this cycle. I truly believe that Kai would not be coming in november if it weren't for him. We knew that IUI with injectibles was the next step and there was no way we could have afforded it on our own.

I have not told my dad the name yet. We want to do it in person and we haven't had a chance to get together.

So there you have it. Malachi Ellington will be making his debut in +/- 17wks!!!

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