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It was beautiful...

So my little brother got married about a month ago.  I got to plan the whole wedding.  We were on a shoestring budget and we were having the wedding in my mother's back yard.  Needless to say it was a lot of work and a little stressful but I think it turned out beautiful.

Josh was the best man and Kai was the ring bearer.  Also, our neice Copper was the flower girl.  We had the wedding on one side of the lawn.  The grass was nice and green.  We had an arch that I covered in tulle and lights.  I also bought some trees that had taper candles in them.  Unfortuantely it was too windy to light them.  Their colors were watermelon pink and kelly green and I think they looked great together.  We had the reception on the other end of the yard.  We took lights from the peak of the house and fence and hung paper lanterns on them.  I also had torches scattered around the yard.  The tables had which tableclothes.  The center pieces were hurricane vases with green rocks and candles.  They were set on octagon mirrors and also two bud vases with a orchids in them and a few more votive candles.

I was also in charge of making the cake.  It was a 4 tier round cake.  The biggest problem was actually baking the cakes.  I think the pans we bought were crappy.  So it took me almost 12 hours of baking to get the 8 cakes that I needed.  It was very exhausting.  Luckily, the decorating went much smoother.  I was happy with the way the cake turned out.  It clearly wasn't done by a professional, but it's not too shabby, being my first wedding cake and all.  The picture of the cake makes it look more crooked then it really was.  Remember it was on a table sitting in the yard, which was not flat!!

Kai being cute before the ceremony.

Ring bearer and flower girl walking down the aisle.

A pick of the arch.  You can't really see the trees, they are on the short tables with the pink tableclothes.  Also you can't see the lights on the arch.

 Aren't they just too cute?!?!

The CAKE!!!  The cake topper has the bride and groom holding guns!

 Here's a pic of the reception area.  There really aren't any good pics of it.  But in this one you can see the lights and some of the lanterns.

Me and my lil brother...can't believe he's all grown up!!

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Surviving summer...

We are still here, I'm just a really sucky blogger.  I have been working on the layout of the blog for a while now, changing this and deciding I didn't like so I'd change that, it's constantly a work in progress.  But I think at the moment I am happy with it.  Simple but still cute.  Tell me what you think.

Besides the heat, the wind and the extreme lack of rain, the summer has been good.  My brother got married, it was beautiful.  I will post pics when I get them.  We have been going and doing fun things.  So here are a few pics.  I promise I will be back soon...also, I have high hopes to start updating day to day gourmet again.  Food/cooking has become a passion once again, so much so I would love to open a restaurant or have a food truck or can everything that I find.  Not sure yet where to go with this dream.

We have an awsome place here call the Don Harrington Discovery Center.  They have neat sciency stuff (not shown in the pics).  We bought a year pass so we can go anytime we want.

We had a very fun 4th of July.  Spent the day at moms house in the pool and did some grilling for dinner.  Since we are drier than a desert right now we were under a burn ban and no fireworks were allowed.  So Amarillo did a laser light show.  It was cool, but it wasn't fireworks, there's just nothing like it. 

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