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Hope is fading

I have been seeing an Reproductive Endocrinologist for my infertility. We are doing 100 mg of clomid this cycle. I have been having to go in and get lots of sonograms to look at stuff and see what is going on. I felt really good about this cycle because I had one very mature egg and it should pop any day now. But I went and had a test done today and they said something was abnormal(im not gonna go into details in case youth are reading, but if you want to know what is going on exactly just ask) and that this cycle might not work. They said I may need to do an IUI next cycle and that just gets me depressed. I have gotten pg twice without that much medical help and I just want it to happen again. Josh and I have talked and if this cycle doesn't work we are gonna have to wait a few months to do anything more. It is just way too expensive and we can't afford it every month. Neither of our insurances pay for it, so we have to pay everything out of pocket. So thus why I am losing hope. I really really want this cycle to work. I want to have good news to tell people, but I just don't know. I have to keep reminding myself that it only takes one little swimmer.

I'll keep you updated, I have to go tomorrow for another sono to see if I ovulated. Which I hope I do and then the waiting begins. Oh how I hate the waiting...

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I like science.

Ice cream good for fertility, study suggests

Looks like I'm going to Braums after I get off work!!!!

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Pretty in Pink

Do you like my new template? I love it. I am so happy I figured out how to do it. I like that it is not one of the boring ones that everyone else has. I still need to tweak a few things. but I think it looks great!!!!

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someone finally got a clue

for reasons unknown i have been stricken with infertility and recurrent miscarriage. these are very personal and hard things for me. I have so many wonderful friends around me to help me get through my tough times. But i know since many of them have never been in my shoes they really don't know what to say and I completely understand that. So finally hallmark got a clue and realized more happens in life than birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc... they are making cards for all kinds of not so fun things that happen in peoples lives. Can i just say that I think this is ground breaking. I really never thought a time like this would come. But here it is and how much easier it will be for those who have loved ones in pain but don't have any words to say. Hallmark will say it for you!!!

So go check them out. Go here and then click on "Introducing Journeys" in the bottom left corner. Sorry I couldn't get a link straight to the paget to work.

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becki and the attack of the sea monster

Have you ever had calamari? Some like it some don't. when i eat it I have to work really hard to not think what it is. Apparently Becki had never had it when they fried the little baby squids and put them on your plate. and apparently kevin will eat just about anything, especially when it grosses becki out!!!

Aren't they adorable?!?!?!

On a side note here are some pics of Samuel when I babysat him last time. We have so much fun together.

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