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I had a great weekend. I didn't really do anything. Josh and I spent time in the pool. Trying to work on my tan, it is work in progress. Maybe when I'm 40 I'll finally have one!!!!

Josh and I are thinking about going to Jamaica in September. Oh my gosh how fun is that gonna be. We are trying to find someone to go with us. It's sad because we really are the only one of our friends with out kids. :( But that's ok because we will have a blast. Kinda like a last HURAH before we have kids.

Dang those Dallas Mavericks. They played awful last night. They better win on tuesday or im gonna be mad. And why do these stupid games start at 8. I didn't get into bed until 11:30 last night. I'm so tired today.

Youth group lake day is this Saturday. I bet you guys (and girls) are gonna have a blast. I am sad I can't be there but I will be scrapbooking my heart out. I hope I get a lot done. Hey youthers don't forget the sunscreen. Especially you BECKI!!!!:P

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Samuel arrived on Monday night at 11:48, weighing 10lbs 13 oz and 201/2 inches. WOOOOOAAAA that is a big baby. He is so stinking adorable, i just want to hug and love him all the time. Annie is doing well. She is a little tired and still sore, but all is to be expected. They will go home either tomorrow or friday. I can't believe I get to be Aunt Rian. I am so excited. man am I gonna spoil that kid rotten!!!!

Now, on to news about me. My church had a prayer meeting for me last night. It was some of the women and they prayed for me and the whole baby situation. It was an awesome and overwhelming evening. I have never felt so loved in my life. Those women are so great. They gave me a charm bracelet with hearts that had scripture address engraved on it. One charm is a heart that says mother in it and has two flowers to represent my two babies in heaven. Then there are praying hands, and a tierra (I don't know how to spell that) to remind me that I am God's little princess. How great is that. My thought is that I can't wait to have a little girl and I will give it to her someday.

So I am starting all the new stuff with my new dr. I go in on Friday for a sonogram and then I will start the clomid and whatever else she has for me. I am really excited. I'm so at peace about what the future holds. I know that whether I ever have children of my own or not that God is still good and I will praise Him!!!

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Someone mentioned that maybe I should post on my blog, I'm not naming any names (becki) so here ya go.

So not much going on here. We are watching the Mavericks kick the heats butt. Woohoo mavs. It is so very exciting that they may win the championship. This game has been a little messy, lots of fouls.

Update on my dr appt. All the tests I did came back fine. Which means that there is no medical reason they can find that I am all screwed up. Sounds about right to me!!! So I will see the dr in a few days and we will start this trying thing again.

Chippy dog is doing well. He is growing soooooo fast. I can't believe how big he is. He is just like a baby, he likes to put everything in his mouth. We can't leave anything on the floor because he will chew it to pieces. It is so cute to watch him grow up and see what his personality is. He is just adorable.

Annie is gonna have little samuel tomorrow. It is so exciting that I will get to meet him. I can't wait to see how cute and adorable and cuddly he is. Michael and Annie are gonna be parents, that is so weird. Times are a changing.

Well that is all I have to bore you with. So until next time...

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