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So finally he is home. He is so cute and adorable. He did his commands really well for the training lady. He does them ok for us as long as he is in the house. He is not good with distractions though. So we will have to work on that. He is already signed up to go back next Sat for a refresher course. One thing that I have noticed is how calm he is. It is truly amazing. He actually slept with us last night (I know we need to show him who the alpha is but I am weak sometimes) and he actually slept. Usually he would get in the bed and move and lick and bite. But not this time. I was so proud. And when we are not paying attention to him he just goes and lays down. It was definately worth the two weeks apart for him to be a calmer dog.

Nothing else new. My dog is the only exciting thing in my life. Sad but true!! :P

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As soon as I post about my pic not showing up it shows. Figures! Still need help with the ticker thingy though.

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Ok so I blog about the youth reading my blog and my mom reading and then no one reads it. Except some stranger. Thank you stranger for commenting.

Anywho, I'm trying not to take it personally. Like you guys have a life and more important things to do than just read my blog and comment. Not taking it personally, no really im not!

Two more days for my chipper dog. I know I sound like a broken record but I am so darn excited to see his cute little face again.

So I changed my pic and it is there when I comment on others but it is not on my page. So any of you smarties out there wanna tell me how to fix that. Also, tried to add the ticker thing and just not smart enough so fill me in on that too.

It's friday. I am so happy it is the weekend. The dr is out of town so the office is really boring since we aren't as busy as usual. No great plans for this weekend. Adam is spending the night with us tonight, so I will probably entertain myself while he and josh play video games all night long. I'm gonna hang out with Annie on Saturday. And then of course get the CHIP on Sunday. So that's my boring life. WELCOME!!!

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So Chipper dog has been gone one week. We get to go and get him next Sunday. I am so excited. I miss him soooooo much.

My mom read and commented on my blog. OMG. I can't believe it. I knew that as soon as I put pics of the Granddog on here she would have to read it!! And yes mom my headaches are much better now that I am taking the extra mag. Thanks for researching and finding that for me. You are the greatest mommy!!!!!

There is something wrong with my pic. I guess I'm gonna have to change it. I will have to decide what I want to change it to. There really isn't anything better than NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK.

I am so happy that my little youths are reading my blog. At least someone is!!!! I know that it is not usually very interesting but thanks for tagging along.

I am gonna try and add a ticker to my blog that will tell me how long until my Jamacain vacation. I can't wait we are gonna have so much fun. SUN SAND AND SURF. What more can a girl ask for?!?!?!

Also, have I mentioned how much I love my church? I mean what other church can spend the whole time praying for people in the church. And just all the love that I feel there. It's great. I wish everyone could experience it. That is the way Jesus wanted it to be. It's about love not religion.

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Well I am very sad because my Chippy dog is gone for 2 weeks. OMG. How can I be away from him for 2 wks. He is in puppy training and we decided this was the best way to do it. He will be in the training for two weeks and then we can go on Saturdays for the rest of his life just to keep reminding him. I am gonna miss him so much. I don't know how I will survive when I have kids and they go somewhere.

Since this post is about Chip here are some pics of him in the pool. He is not a huge fan of water, but he did ok. He really hates getting dried off. Josh and I chased him around the house before we caught him and dried him.

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Hey here is an updated pic of my adorable Chipper dog!!

So it is stinking hot here. My car said it was 110 at 5:00 today. That is insane. I just stop and think of all the people that live before air conditioning. I could never do that. I am too spoiled by my A/C. Thank you God for central air.

Nothing new really going on. My friend Megan is pregnant. She was terrified she was having triplets, but alas there is only one little baby in there. She will be due in February. I am so excited, she has been wanting this for so long. And that is what I remind her of everytime she tells me how sick she is!!

Ok just a word of advice to all you crazy people out there: Grafitting a school is a felony offense so don't do it. My brother may have to pay $30,000 in fines and it will go on his permanent record. We are praying the Lord will have mercy on him.

Jamaica how I can't wait to meet you. So it is official we bought our plane tickets. Oh, I am so excited. We are going with my older brother and his girlfriend. I think it is going to be soooo much fun. I am already practicing my snorkeling in the pool, while I'm working on my tan!!

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That is the noise that I hear inside my head right now. Oh my gosh it hurts so bad and drugs are not helping. If I wasn't at work right now I would be home in bed. I have TMJ and so my head and jaw hurt often. But it has been getting worse the last couple of months. Man if I just had an extra $3000 laying around I could get it all fixed. Maybe next year!!

Anywho, not much else going on. We went to Amarillo for the 4th. Dougie's bday is the 3rd so we celebrated that while we were there. He is 16. Oh my that makes me feel old!!

Ok my life is really boring right now, so nothing else to blog about. I will try really hard to make something exciting happen so you people won't be bored!

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